Fundient has the resources to work with companies of all sizes in all stages of growth.

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Your business goals require a commercial finance company with a broad portfolio of products and the finance experts and investor network to support each product. Fundient offers business loans, real estate financing, leasing options and a variety of other funding solutions. Our team has the abundant resources necessary to offer your business customized service with excellent terms.

Experience and Alliances That Benefit Your Business

Fundient has the resources to work with companies of all sizes in all stages of growth. Our finance specialists are able to leverage our investor alliance and expertise in tailored solutions to provide your business with a loan product that is ideal for your goals. You can choose from a variety of finance options from our diverse programs:

  • Commercial real estate financing and CMBS loans
  • Stated income loans
  • Equipment financing and leasing
  • Medical financing
  • Receivables financing
  • Bridge loans and mezzanine financing
  • SBA loans
  • Business acquisition financing
  • Merchant cash advances and consumer financing
  • Private equity loans

Find the Capital Solution for Your Business at Fundient

We can present you with capital solutions whether you are a small, medium or large business in any stage. Our finance specialists have the backing to personalize a loan product for your business needs. You can learn more about the Fundient investor alliance and how we leverage our partnerships to help you find a solution by contacting our team today.

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